Taylor's Story

Quilted Journeys presents Quilted Time Traveler by introducing Taylor Eudora Dillon, a millennial food blogger who daringly faces life’s challenges. Raised by her Aunt Rose, a vibrant charming woman who is a talented quilt maker. While Aunt Rose possess many interests it’s her infatuations with moments that drives her. She raises Taylor to find appreciation in the now… but the now may not be as it seems.


Each month there is a block for you to quilt!  Don’t worry – whether you are a novice quilter or an experienced quilter, the block will be something you can make.  The block pattern will be a pdf. Share your completed block in our Facebook album to be eligible for our weekly giveaway.


When the monthly block is released, you will receive another chapter in the book joining Taylor Dillon in her somewhat unwilling journey.  The chapter will be a pdf download. Comment in our Facebook group to increase your chances to win the weekly giveaway.


In addition to the quilt block and book chapter, Taylor will share the recipe she is currently working on for her food blog.  Try the recipe and post a picture in our Facebook Album to get another chance to win the weekly giveaway.


We will be doing giveaways weekly of items that are helpful in quilting and in trying ideas from Taylor’s recipes.  If you have posted in the quilt album this month, that is a chance to win!    Did you try the recipe?  Post a picture in our recipe album and that is another chance to win!