What is Quilted Time Traveler?

Quilted Time Traveler is a unique quilt a long.  By joining us and signing up for a monthly subscription you receive a monthly quilt block pattern, a chapter from the Quilted Time Traveler’s journey, and a recipe to try.

Do I need to live in the United States to participate?

No, you are invited to participate from anywhere.  We welcome you to our quilting community.

How do I join?

You’ll need to purchase a subscription in order to participate. Click here to purchase a subscription.

When am I billed?

You’ll be billed on the fourth (4th) of every month. Once your payment processes, you’ll immediately have access to the current content.

How do I get my items?

All items are delivered by PDF.  You will need a PDF reader in order to open the materials.  Click here to download the free Adobe Reader if needed.

Why should I join the Facebook group?

The Facebook group will be the place to ask questions, develop friendships, share inspiration and post to the albums to be entered for our giveaways.