Taylor’s Story:

Quilted Journeys presents Quilted Time Traveler by introducing Taylor Eudora Dillon, a millennial food blogger who daringly faces life’s challenges. Raised by her Aunt Rose, a vibrant charming woman who is a talented quilt maker. While Aunt Rose possess many interests it’s her infatuations with moments that drives her. She raises Taylor to find appreciation in the now… but the now may not be as it seems.

Taylor wants all the things in life she sees her friends go after: career, social interaction, and love. But what if there is more. More to life. More to Aunt Rose. More to Taylor. More to the moments we live in.  Join us on our virtual quilting retreat and read-along.  Quilt, Read, Eat, Play, Win.

Each month you will read Taylor’s adventure, sew the quilting block of the month, try the recipe from Taylor’s food blog and share your work!  As with all quilting retreats there will be tons of fun and giveaways, as you join and share in Quilted Journeys Facebook community.